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Service & Repairs

Fort Garry Industries Service Departments are equipped to perform a wide variety of repairs and installations on all makes of truck and trailers. Call your nearest branch location and our highly trained staff will provide you with the advise and quality work to get you back on the road quickly and with confidence.

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 • Air Systems - Repair & Diagnosis
 • ABS Retrofits, Repairs and Installations
 • Brake Jobs - Air, Hydraulic & Electric
 • Brake Shoe Relines
 • Brake Band Relines
 • Drum & Rotor Machining
 • Cab Air Conditioning - Service & Repair
 • Charging & Starting Systems
 • Clutches
 • Contract Maintenance Packages
 • Cooling Systems
 • Custom Fabrication - Truck and Trailer
 • CWB Welding Service
 • Driveshaft - Repairs, Retubing, Fabrication, Balancing
 • Exhaust Systems - Custom & Standard
 • Fifth Wheel Overhauls
 • Flywheel Resurfacing
 • Front End Work
 • Hydraulic Systems
 • Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs & Testing
 • Lighting & Electrical
 • Oil Changes & Lubes
 • Pump & P.T.O. Installation & Repair
 • Safety Inspections
 • Shutter Repairs, Service, Custom Made
 • Steering Gears and Pumps
 • Suspensions
 • Transmissions & Differentials
 • Wet Kits
 • Wheel Base Adjustment


Don't miss that next checkup for your truck again. Fort Garry Industries can help remind you when that next inspection or preventative maintenance is required. Talk to one of our service managers about getting on our database to receive a faxed reminder or telephone call four weeks prior to the next scheduled maintenance for any of your trailers, trucks or tractors. Its that easy.


Fort Garry Industries services all makes of ABS systems for trucks, tractors, trailers and buses. Our shops are fully equipped with the latest in ABS Diagnostic tools and software so our trained technicians can quickly identify where an ABS malfunction is located and the best way to correct it.

Our service technicians can read wheel speed sensor data, check system continuity, ensure all proper connections are made, and test modulator operation and more. Call one of our Repair Facilities to book your ABS check-up today.


 • Cement Mixers
 • Clutches
 • Dump Bodies
 • Fifth Wheels
 • Hoists & Lifts
 • Lift Gates
 • Service Bodies
 • Snow Plows
 • Sanders
 • Snow Blowers
 • Tarps
 • Tire Inflation Systems
 • Wrecking Units

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