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Fort Garry Industries Ltd. offers a variety of different financing options for our customers. These options include our own in-house short and long term lease packages, as well as financing through outside parties such as GE Capital and other third party lenders. Our Customer Service team will do more than take your order. We will help you with your purchase from assistance with specifications that meet your requirements to financing and delivery. When its time for a follow-up safety or repairs, don't forget about Fort Garry's Service Department.

In-house Financing
Fort Garry offers both short and long-term lease packages. Under our short-term package, Fort Garry will rebate the majority of your monthly lease payment back towards the cost of your trailer allowing you to make your "down-payment" in monthly payments. Then you can flip the lease over into Fort Garry's long-term lease or other financing company. Fort Garry's long-term lease package offers reasonable monthly payments with minimal paperwork and easy qualifying requirements.

GE Capital Fleet Services
GE Capital Fleet ServicesGE Capital Fleet Services is the #1 financier of heavy trucks and trailers in North America. With years of experience meeting the needs of the transportation industry, we can help. We have an entire branch network stretching across North America that deals with nothing but trucks and trailers day-in and day-out.

Third Party Financing
Fort Garry Industries has developed and maintained relationships with many local and national financial institutions. We will work with you and your financing company of choice to ensure that your trailer buying experience is "hassle-free".